More than just eco-friendly, we are also Green Gardeners

Green gardening makes a valuable contribution to the environment and the quality of life. Implementing natural landscape management methods, improve your living, working climate and visually enhance the natural beauty of your landscape.


Economic advantages for the owner and tenants also grow from such a green gardening aproach. Adopting natural ways to eradicate pests and weeds can save you money due to reduced use of resources.  Healthier landscapes, customers, pets and wildlife can be achieved by Green gardening.


Green Gardening reduces pollution on landscape sites, inprove the health, appearance and value of landscapes. When planning and implementing green ideas, we at Valley Greenscapes will support you with innovative and successful solution proposals.


Natural Gardening

Natural landscaping or also called Native Gardening is the use of native plants that include trees, shrubs, groundcovers and grasses. Little or no pesticides, fertilizers and watering are requiered to maintain.  Plants can flourish and can be resistant to pests and deseases. Native plants provide suitable habitat for native species of butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.