Year-Round Management Schedule

This maintenance schedule is strictly followed to ensure a healthy landscape.  The schecule can only be modified due to adverse weather  that would force us to make changes or pospone the regular schedule. 

January                                 February                       March

Mow and edge bi-weekly       Mow bi-weekly               Mow bi-weekly

Edge monthly                         Edge bi-weekly              Edge bi-weekly

Fertilize flower beds               Fertilize flower beds      Fertilize Flower beds

Ground cover edging              Prune shrubs                 Fertilize Turf           

Blow leaves

Debris clean up


April                                         May                               June

Mow weekly                             Mow Weekly                  Mow weekly

Edge bi-weekly                        Edge bi-weekly              Edge bi-weekly

Prune shrubs                           Prune shrubs                 Prune Shrubs

Annual flower install                Post-Emerget                 Pull weeds

Weed control                           Weed control                 Fertilize Turf

                                                                                      Fertilize color


July                                          August                        September

Mow weekly                              Mow Weekly                 Mow weekly

Edge bi-weekly                         Edge bi-weekly             Edge bi-weekly

Prune shrubs                            Prune shrubs                Prune shrubs

Pull weeds                                Remove dead flowers   Re-program timer

Spray weeds                            Clear out weeds           Leaf debris removal

Spot spray weeds in turf          Leaf debris removal      Clean flower beds

Clean flower beds                    Clean flower beds         Fertilize Turf


October                                    November                     December


Mow weekly                              Mow bi-weekly               Mow bi-weekly

Edge bi-weekly                         Edge monthly                 Edge monthly

Pest control                              Fertilize Turf                  Blow leaves

Ground cover                            Ground cover                  Leaf clean up          

Trim or remove ivy                    Blow leaves                    

Pull weeds                                Leaf clean up

Spot spray weeds in turf