Professional Landcare Service

At Valley Greenscapes, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From consultation to maintenance, we price ourselves on professionalism and excellent customer service. 


Landscaping is an investment for your property and that is why an elegant landscape with proper maintenance is a priority.  Your satisfation is our reputation, we provide the best service possible to suite all of your landscape needs.  We are fully equipped to provide a full landscape service.  

Landscape Construction & Maintenance Services

Together with you, we will install and manage a harmonious landscape with proper maintenance services such as:


       -Landscape Design            -New Installations

       -Landscape Renovations   -Synthetic Turf

       -New Lawns                       -Seeding

       -Mowing                              -Edging

       -Blowing                             -Trimming

       -Seasonal Clean-Ups         -Tree Maintenance

-New Irrigation                  -Irrigation Repair

-Seasonal Color                 -Automatic Controllers

-Drainage                           -Sprinkler Repair

-Pruning                             -Xerscaping

-Mulching                           -Weeding

-Seasonal Floral Programs


And much more, simply call and ask us if you don't see a service here.......


We also focus on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to minimize and treat against pests in a natural way. Some of the benefits of an integrated approach are as follows:

  • Promotes clean structures and healthy plants
  • Promotes the sustainable bio-based pest mamagement  alternatives.
  • Reduces environmental risks using ecological tactics.
  • Reduces the potential for air and ground water contamination.
  • Reduces the need for pesticides.
  • Can eliminate issues related to pesticide residue.
  • Decreases workers, tenants, pets and public exposure to pesticides.
  • Alleviates concern of the public about pest & pesticide practices.


These are the main concepts for a healthy state-of-the-art landscape management.  No job is too small for Commercial Centers, Business Parks, Apertment Complexes and Private Residences in the Bay Area.



Maintaining trees and plants

Your image is of high importance to us. Keeping trees healthy and looking their best by proper pruning, for light penetration, open views for better visibility, avoiding pests and minimize the risk of wind and storm damage.  With proper care, trees can last for many years and that is important considering that they are a large landscape invesment.