Nautral Landscape Maintenance Services

We at Valley Greenscapes stand for creativity and strive to protect the environment by using eco-friendly materials when requested by our clients.  Greenscaping is safe to our environment, family, and pets since we strive to minimize the use of pesticides with the incorporation of (IPM) Integrated Pest Management methods. 


We have been in business for over 10 years and our focus is to develop a working relationship with our customers as their local landscape contractors.  We believe that building a good relationship with customers will take us to the correct path to be well known in residential and commercial landscape contruction and  management services.


Valley Greenscapes offers all the required landscaping services to make of your property the show place of the block.  Our focus is to be known for quality, honesty, integrity and reliabilty to keep our customers satisfied. We are always ready to service Retail Centers, HOAs, Medical Facilities, Business Parks, Apartment Complexes, and Private Residences.  Our range of services such as landscape renovations, landscape management and irrigation services are done in the highest quality manner possible.


Commercial & Residential Management

Valley Greenscapes is a full landscape construction and management contractor.  Our scope of work is broad for the convenience of our clients.  For landscape management, we offer anual & monthly contracts with weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly service maintenance services.  Quality service is always our goal.  We are fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded to better assist you in landscape contruction and management.


You can be assured that your property will receive profesional care and the  necessary attention to look at its best. Consistency and uniform service to your property is our top priority.


Do you want an individual consultation?

Make an appointment for an on-site consultation without any obligation by phone at 408-839-0940, or please use our contact form.

Natural Landscaping

Natural landscaping or also called Native Gardening is the use of native plants that include trees, shrubs, groundcover and grasses. Little or no pesticides, fertilizers and watering are requiered to maintain.  Plants can flourish and can be resistant to pests and deseases. Native plants provide suitable habitat for native species of butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.