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Landscape Rebate Program

The Santa Clara Water Distric is now offering a great landscape rebate for customers who would like to save water and money.  To learn more, please visit:


10% off for all new customers with a 1 year contract.

15% off for any new project over $3000

20% off for any new project over $6000

Mulching vs. Bagging

With our mulching equipment, we can save you money by naturally fertilizing your lawn.


  • Mulching reduces the amount of watering.
  • Less fertilizing is needed during the growing season, grass clippings add nutrients back to the soil for a healthier lawn.
  • Mulching avoids thatch buildup since grass clippings can decompose withing 4-6 days or less.
  • Mulching reduces labor and conserves landfill space.
  • Mulching can only be a benefit for a healthy lawn with the minimum need to fertilize.